About Pdoc
Pdoc is a Perl library providing a number of methods allowing to automate documentation procedure. The documentation procedure consisting in parsing specific file formats and converting them to other formats. At present, the library features Perl modules parsing capabilities and conversion to HTML format.
The latest features in Pdoc are:
  • Relative links support as default.
  • Modules configuration (like HTML tags to be used for conversion).
  • Tokenisers for Perl and POD code.
  • A final design of the library + many improvements.
A page with the complete list of features will be available soon.
RaphaŽl Leplae raphael at scmbb.ulb.ac.be
15 Jul 2006:
Pdoc v1.1 is available for download.
Here is at last a new Pdoc version including full support to CSS and several bug fixes.
5 Jul 2002:
Small bug with Perl5.6 on MS Windows.
Due to a clash between the Unicode support added in Perl 5.6 and MS Windows. Read the full news for a quick fix
15 Mar 2002:
Pdoc v1.0 is available for download.
New web site design.
Pdoc is on SourceForge!.
09 June 2001:
perlmod2www.pl new options: -xltable -nosort and -webcvs.
Pdoc new modules:
  • Pdoc::Parsers::Documents::Modules::WebCvs
  • Pdoc::Html::Converters::Modules::WebCvs
  • Pdoc version 1.0 released on 15 Mar 2002.
    The design of the library can be considered as stable. From 1.0, focus will be directed on the extension of supported formats.
  • Pdoc experimental version was first released in 2001. Any reference to that version should be updated to the current 1.0.
Pdoc - a Perl library for automated documentation.
© 2001, 2002 Raphaël Leplae (raphael@ucmb.ulb.ac.be). All rights reserved. The Pdoc library and associated scripts are free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.