15 Jul 2006:
Pdoc v1.1 is available for download.
Here is at last a new Pdoc version including full support to CSS and several bug fixes.
Almost all the styles in the rendered web pages are now based on CSS. The definitions are stored in a perl.css file located in the pdoc-xxx/Pdoc/Html/Data/ directory. See the Scripts section for more details on how to use it.
Several bugs have been fixed. The major ones are:
  • Correct management of Perl modules with multiple packages definition: the rendered pages have now the line: Other packages in the module: Packages1 Packages2 ... on top giving access to the other packages defined in the same module file.
  • Better POD parsing and rendering: style definition (B<>, I<>, L<>, etc) in =headx or =item lines are now properly shown.
  • Better Perl parsing and rendering: problems with Perl code such as qq {} or q {} where sometimes incorrectly parsed, this is now fixed. Chained calls of methods such as $object->method1->method2->method3() where incorrectly parsed, this is fixed too.
5 Jul 2002
Small bug with Perl5.6 on MS Windows.
In Perl 5.6 on MS Windows, due to the support of Unicode, the presence of backslashes (\) - used as DOS path separators - in string variables give the following error message when part of a regular expression:
Can't find unicode character property definition via main->r or at unicode/
Is/ line 0
There is a fix on the Pdoc cvs repository, otherwise, as a temporary solution, open the file Pdoc/Tools/ in the Pdoc directory tree and replace the line (at pos ~70):
$_modPath = join($tree->path_separator(),@{$parts});
$_modPath = quotemeta(join($tree->path_separator(),@{$parts}));

The bux fix will be part of the new release.
15 Mar 2002
Pdoc v1.0 is available for download.
Since this was a side project, it took a while to have it up and running and this is also the reason why the project has moved on SourceForge. Developers are very welcome!
The code seems quite stable, there is a reasonable number of features and the design of the library will be kept for a while.
Web site redesigned.
New layout and moderate use of cascading style sheets introduced.
09 June 2001 new options: -xltable -nosort and -webcvs. Pdoc new modules:
  • Pdoc::Parsers::Documents::Modules::WebCvs
  • Pdoc::Html::Converters::Modules::WebCvs
12 May 2001
Release of the experimental version. Basic parsing capabilities for Perl source code and convertion in HTML format.